Double Diploma

Earn a double-diploma with AIA.



Study Tours Abroad

AIA travels to China several times a year. Study abroad and learn about the culture, history and see the sights of China.




Host Families

Be a part of the global community. Open your home to an international experience with AIA exchange programs and international student hosting.



Explore Your World with AIA

Education happens inside and outside of the classroom. When your students study abroad, they gain a better understanding of why people act and think the way they do. When an exchange student is welcomed into your classroom, your students learn about a whole new culture, in a whole new way. They learn that there’s more to the story than what they watch on the news and read in their books. Help your students make the world their home and introduce them to global opportunities.

Global Immersion and Exchange Programs

Global immersion has never been so close. With Advanced International Academy the global perspective is changing to include local students who now have an opportunity to study abroad in a new and exciting experience. 

Advanced International Academy has 15 years experience with global exchange programs. Our programs are always expanding with the high demand for study abroad with today's international students. 

Strengthening global education through programs aimed at elementary, middle and high school levels. Advanced International Academy programs provide teachers and students the opportunity to experience a different culture up-close, in order to recognize similarities and appreciate differences of societies and people of the world.

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